Graduation at the Photo Academy

Finally! I have graduated, after four years of study, at the Photo Academy in The Netherlands!

When I started out,  I didn’t exactly know what to expect? Not only what to expect from the Photo Academy, but also what to expect from myself. Looking back at these four years, I can say that what I’ve learned the most is, who I am. Especially when you are creating images that in fact don’t exist in reality, but start out as an idea in your head, questioning eventually where these ideas come from. What is the source of imagination? What is it that drives you? Why do you need to create images? What is important enough to convey to the audience? And why should they care about what you have to say (or don’t say for that matter). To answer those questions you really have to look inside.

I think that was the hardest part during the education. Slowly trying to reveal parts of yourself through photography in the hope that people will like and understand it. In a certain way, you are exposed to the opinions and critique of others. You are showing your heart and yes sometimes it hurts when people don’t like it. But it is the only way to grow. You have to make your heart strong and expose more of yourself. So although I have finished my education, I don’t think I have finished learning and exploring.

On this site I will continue sharing my images with you. I hope that you will like it. So feel free to to share your thoughts and comments with me on this site.



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