From the vault: Classic Club Night

These were photographs for a project called “Classic Club Night”. This is an event where classical music meets urban music. It is a fun idea that the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra expand their classical horizon to melt it with some underground music.

So here they are:





From the vault: Saint Elizabeth

Here’s another one from the vault.

I’ve always wanted to do an ‘end-of-the-world’ ┬ádisaster scene. The kind you’d probably see in movies. Destruction on a global scale! It’s just plain fun to do.

Actually, I used to live in the street you see in the photo when I was a kid. I have these childhood memories that we used to play when the streets were flooded once. Perhaps only in my imagination and reinforced by a strong sense of fantasy, but I seem to remember that we were walking up to our ankles in water round the church.

If you’re interested in some historic trivia: the title of the photo does not refer to the lady in the water, but it refers to the flooding that happened a long time ago in the mid centuries in this city. The people called the flooding “Saint Elizabeth’s Flood”.

Now that’s a paradox in my opinion. That a wave of destruction is called after a saint!

From the vault: Impossible figures

I thought it might be nice to show some experiments and other stuff ‘from the vault’ that actually I didn’t intend to show. But on the other hand….what the heck?

This one is an oldie! I’ve always been impressed by Escher. So one day I decided to try to base one my photo’s on his impossible figures. And here’s the result:


You can see on the wall the original Escher painting I was trying to emulate.

Perhaps I will incorporate some Escher impossible figures into my photography one day, but I’m a bit hesitant, because his style is so well known it will perhaps overshadow the things I’m trying to say. What do you think?