Inspiration: The Shapeshifter

Most probably you have seen this one before because it’s quite popular on the internet and also the Vimeo staff pick, but I thought it was nice to share this one with you nonetheless.

This short movie is called “The Shapeshifter” and it is made by a studio called Charlex (or CHRLX for short).

I think it’s an amazing video that touches on some aspects of what I do. It’s a surreal rendering of impossible but believable imagery. Done entirely in the digital domain, it looks photorealistic but in an hyperreal sense of the word. I think that in essence it contrasts ‘human progress’ (in the form of machines and technology) with nature. I don’t know if this is coincidental or by purpose but that is the way I see it and is also a strong recurring theme in my work. ┬áIt also has a dark dreamlike quality to it that it reminiscent of my work probably (but you might disagree).

Enjoy this video and let it drift into another plane of consciousness.

If you want to see behind the scene footage or more of this company have a look at: